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(See my post on July 24, 2013 re: Central Periodic Services)

It happened again, with a different company!"Coast-to-coast Renewal Service" - (218)789-4126.

For the last several months, I have been receiving about a dozen magazines (started with 1, every month added a new one) for a few months, that I had not ordered. Nobody could tell me who ordered them, but that I was not paying for them. Same thing, getting calls asking if I was receiving them ok, I told them that I didn't order nor would I pay for them. Then, I got "the" call wanting to know if I wanted to renew, and that I would have to listen to a "recording" in order to cancel.

I told them that I never ordered this, etc. etc., and the guy (Phillip Jones) asked to put me on hold so he could talk to his supervisor. After about 5 minutes, I got disconnected. I checked my credit card online and, sure enough, had a pending charge for magazines for $5.

I called both the number on the card and the number that called me and told them to get if off there (the last one said that it was an "accident," that Phillip had pushed the wrong button!) Anyway, they said that it would take 3 to 5 days to get it off my card. Day 4, is still there. (I didn't cancel my card the last time, didn't think it would happen again - ha!) I am paying it off and getting a new card this time. (Still not sure how they got the card number in the first place.) The only magazine I have ordered is one through my niece's girl scouts, paid with a check.

I never give anybody my bank account number, at least with a credit card you have an out!Anyway, the new rip off magazine renewal is "Coast to coast Renewal," FYI!!

Monetary Loss: $45.

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San Francisco, California, United States #860729

I'm completely willing to initiate a class action lawsuit against Coast to Coast Renewal.I'd like to do a bit of organizing first, but I am curious if anyone else would be willing to participate.

I'm posting a similar inquiry at ripoffreport and other similar sites. The same happened to my dad.

He was sick for some time.I feel like what they are doing is elder abuse and mail fraud.

to myfatherthehero Phoenix, Arizona, United States #861847

I wouldn't mind.The problem I have is that Subscriber Data Management, of Charlotte, NC, which holds Coast to Coast renewal, resolved, or so I thought, my situation (albeit not before I paid them over $1200 at an earlier time).

THEY say I'm clear and done with them and on their Do Not Call list, but today I got a call out of Henderson, NV wanting me to go through the SAME process of taking off the otherwise 5 year automatic renewal. Exact same playbook. Had I not been argumentative, they would have had me answer, on recording, questions which would have included agreeing to pay them thousands over time...again! The guy sent me to a manager, who told me that if I had indeed gone through the process before, they would have given me a six digit confirmation number.

(The guy on before implied I needed to come up with a confirmation number too.) Anyway, that's as far as she got before the call cut off suddenly (strategically I think).

I didn't get an admission from them as to their being related to Coast to Coast this time, but neither did they deny it. I pretty much believe it is though because the playbook is EXACTLY THE SAME.

The other thing is I do not remember who they said they were when they called me. They say it but once and never repeat it. When calling back, they do not, in any of their recorded messages, ever mention the name of the outfit.

I called back close to their closing time and got put on hold, and then when they...

I'm getting tired of this harassment, and unsure at this moment whether they might not try to charge me thousands more dollars.

It's frustrating because they seem to operate out of a number of different front companies. I'm not sure I wasn't scammed from the start...of course they will SAY they're not a scam because I actually do receive mags. But I believe people are quite possibly scammed into buying them. And you wind up in a trap of revolving claims of having agreed to stuff that you can never get out of, EVEN IF YOU STINKING PAY!

They want to do it to you again! And again! And again!

I really wonder if, once they had one recorded agreement, they felt they could recycle it for multiple collections of thousands.

It has since come to my attention that magazine subscription sales outfits have been a shady business for decades.One elderly person, online somewhere I think, recounted once how he had been more or less enslaved as a young man to such an outfit during the Great Depression, and basically had to fly the coop on them to get away.

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to Tom #861951

I now have had 3 different names under which they operate.The only way I knew was to call the different magazines and ask them who ordered them.

(They give me the company name and phone number.) And I did receive (and still am receiving) the magazines, but I never ordered anything! Thank God they only had my credit card number and not my bank account, never paid them a dime. (I did have to cancel my credit card.) I get about 10 different magazines a month, always have, although the magazines change every once in a while. (I'm the original poster on this - nspencer, 5/9/13 - and my 1st line should have been "...July 24, 2012," not 2013.) Anyway, I just wanted to agree that they do operate under different names, and also share where I found out which company ordered which magazine.

I still can't figure out where they got my info, have a couple of possibilities, but not sure. But I do know that the only magazines I have ever ordered have been through my niece's girl scouts or school, so when they ask about the others, (when they call to ask if my magazines are arriving in good condition) I always say they have, but I did not order nor will I pay for any of them.

But if these people did this to my 84 year old mother, she would not remember if she had ordered anything, and she would get so confused by their tactics!(if there is anything I can do to help, I surely will!)

to myfatherthehero Phoenix, Arizona, United States #861850

Also, I tried using one of those pay services for $7.95 to find out the name of the company owning the number, and even that failed, they told me I could have another look-up on them because even they could get nothing. This is how well they keep stuff covered so that a person can't easily get the name of their company.

to Tom #861957

(See my previous comment.) I called the magazines and asked them who ordered/paid for this magazine, they gave me the name and phone number - that's how I found out they were different companies. - Nancy

North Wales, Pennsylvania, United States #838799

These people are a pain in the a**!I called them to request a copy of the so-called contract.

the man I spoke to said he would send it right out to me.

I have contacted the media for assistance with this conundrum, and they are working on it.Get in touch with the attorney general in your state and report your situation to him.


I thought I was getting rid of magazines sent to me & thought they were helping me when in fact they signed me up for 5 yes absent me a bill r $1200.00

What turned out to be unsubscribing was this?Tried calling magazines direct to cancel couldn't.


What can I.To stop this??

to msc Bastrop, Texas, United States #817612

They are very tricky.Did you use a credit card?

If so, first, tell them you are fighting it. Also, if there is a charge on there, there will also be a phone number on the bill, these are the billing people. I was able to cancel through them. (I get a call from the magazine people, not sure which connection but they call to see if the magazines are "arriving and in good condition," I tell them they are but I did not order and am not paying for them.

Good luck (and do not pay, fight!) - Nancy (I started all this).:eek :upset

to nspencer Bastrop, Texas, United States #817644

In addition - I did cancel my credit card, so they can't bill me, and in the last 2 weeks I have started receiving 2 MORE (new) magazines!(Oprah and People).

I am receiving so many magazines, and I have not paid a penny, so at least I am costing them a fortune. (But I still don't want a dozen magazines a month, it is a pain.) I did get a couple cancelled, through the actual magazine company, but most of them won't do it unless it is through "Coast to Coast." Also, I have noticed (here) that some people receive bills in the mail - I have never received anything in the mail from them.

And they have not reported me to any credit agencies/bureaus, I still have excellent credit.(I just thought I would add some other things I have noticed, just FYI.) - Nancy :( :sigh :upset

Los Angeles, California, United States #798731

This just happened to me .I was subscribed to a magazine before so didnt think of it much.

I was told I had one a 250 dollar gift card.I was stoked I was skeptic at first but didnt think of it much so went through the process and gave them my debit card number and my 3 digit security number on the back of the card.I was just thinking of cancelling my card and hoping I dont get charged?would that be my best bet to avoid this scam ?

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